Computer and network security have become very important. You can get into a lot of trouble if you get viruses or malware on your computer. A company with poor computer and network security may even go out of business if an attack is successful.

It is easy to increase security, just cut the connection to the outside world. But a computer that is not connected to the Internet is not very useful nowadays. So a compromise is necessary, you need to have reasonably security but also some kind of access to the world around you.

As mentioned before, a computer can easily be made safe, just don’t connect it to any network and limit physical access to the computer. But such a computer is not very useful. IT security is very much about finding a useful middle way, keeping the computer secure but at the same time allowing the users to do their work. Computer security is a little bit different depending on if the computer is a server or a workstation.

A server is used by a lot of people and has to accept a lot of incoming connections. At the same time, a server often hosts important and sensitive data. A breach of server security could be very serious. You have more information about server security here.

A workstation is used by one person only, generally a PC running Windows. It could also be a computer at home. Identity theft has become a big problem, and it can be very expensive to sort out such issues. Another popular way of exploiting a compromised computer is to use it for spamming activities or as a bridgehead for further attacks on other computers. Here are some basic guidelines how to keep your computer safe.

Network security is very important. Not long ago, it was quite an achievement to get to computers to talk to each other. Nobody worried about security, after all most of the computers were located in the academic world. There was not really much gain in breaking into such computers. And most academics, although maybe a little bit odd guys, are in essence nice guys. But today’s Internet is more like the Wild West in the 19th century. You better not let people free access to your computers or network. Here is more information about network security.

The importance of computer and network security has also created a lucrative job market. IT security experts have had no trouble finding jobs. Nowadays, every organization has computers connected to the Internet. These connections need to be secured and new threats are appearing all the time. Many companies are prepared to pay good money for IT security professionals. Here you have more information about computer and network security jobs.

Cryptology has changed completely once computers started to be used for encryption. Good encryption is necessary for computer and network security. Encryption systems can be divided into two categories, private key encryption and public key encryption. In private key systems the same key is used for encryption and decryption. As long as the key remains secret, most private key systems are secure. But the distribution of keys is a problem. In public key encryption, different keys are used for encryption and decryption. One key, the public key, is known by everyone while the other key, the private key, is only known to the owner. This eliminates the problem of safely distributing keys.

Encryption on the Internet requires that keys can be distributed quickly, this makes public key encryption the best solution for encryption on the Internet. Not only can public key encryption be used to encrypt communication but also for authenticating the other part and to sign messages, which guarantees that the message has not been modified during the transmission. You can learn more about data encryption here.

Two important things to know is how to keep your email account safe and how to back up your computer. If you know how to do those two things, life will be much easier. Here you can learn how to keep your email account safe. How you are going to back up your data depends on what operating system you are using. Here you can learn how to back up a windows computer.

A lot of malware has become aware of VMware, one of the fastest growing operating systems. The virtual nature of VMware creates new potential security issues. Here you can learn more about VMware security.

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