Computer and Network Security Jobs

You want a safe and well-paid job? You want new challenges at work? If you answered yes to at least one of the questions, then IT security may be the right market for you. Computer and network security jobs are hot, IT security has become very important for a lot of organizations. And it does not look like things will change in the near future.

The fast growth of IT security has created a lack of IT security experts. Although computer and network security jobs have been affected by the slower economy it is still relatively easy to get a job within IT security. True, the supply is getting closer to matching the demand, especially at the lower levels but IT security is still one of the safest job markets. Compared with most other IT professionals, security experts have had much less problems finding jobs.

Most IT security jobs don’t belong to the best paid IT jobs but compared with most jobs outside IT, the jobs are well paid. And as mentioned, computer and network security experts are seldom laid off. Many organizations are still increasing their IT security department, while many other IT departments are shrinking. Thus, IT security professionals have one of the best job markets within IT. It is also quite possible that IT security jobs will become better paid over the next couple years while many other IT jobs will not become significantly better paid in the near future.

But how do you get started in IT security? If you already have a number of years of computer and network security experience, finding a new job is relatively easy. But how does one get into IT security in the first place? That’s not an easy question to answer, it really depends on a lot of things. But if you are already working in IT, start focus on security issues. In today’s world, virtually everything has security implications. And many organizations don’t have enough security experts, volunteers are often welcome. Once you have some security experience, you can try to get a security certification. IT certifications are not has hot as some people think but many of them still add some value to your CV.

But if you don’t have any IT security experience at all, an IT security certification is unlikely to help you. It may even be counter-productive, in worst case it can highlight your lack of relevant work experience. After all, employers may like certified people but they hire people with relevant work experience. Fortunately, it is fairly cheap to learn about network security. Plenty of information is already available on the Internet. One of the best ways is to try to get started doing something security related in an organization. It is unlikely to be well paid. Junior-level IT security jobs are actually generally relatively poorly paid. But once you are an IT security expert, the money becomes much better.

Another advantage of IT security jobs is that the job market is international. In most cases, the security problems are the same all over the world. And there is a lack of IT security experts almost everywhere. This means that it is relatively easy to get a fairly well paid security job in many places, assuming that you have suitable work experience. Some security jobs requires a security clearance, which can be impossible to get as a foreigner. But far from all IT security jobs require a security clearance and many other IT jobs also require a security clearance. Therefore, you are not much worse off as a security expert than most other IT professionals. Given the good job market for IT security professionals, you are probably better off than most other IT experts.

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